A New Norm #sharestrength

You must be wondering what “new norm” is all about? As the title suggests, we are reaching out to other fellow cancer survivors along with their caregivers by sharing our strengths as cancer survivors, in order to lift their battling spirits and enlighten them about our presence, reminding them that they are not alone. Feel free to share with us your story and hashtag “sharestrength“. We would love to hear from you!

Cancer does not always spell the end. Lately for quite a couple of movies that i had watched, the story line will somehow accommodate and link to cancer and eventually death. This is truly misleading and  a misrepresentation of cancer! The notion of having a lethal cancer is terrifying, but the scientific breakthroughs on the road to cancer cure are indeed fascinating, there is always a ray of hope for cancer patients! Look at me! Look at Mei Sze! We are all survivors and so can you be one of us! Be brave, be optimistic! Be reminded that cancer does not kill but your mindset is the one that is killing you! As the saying goes: “Sometimes life is like a dark tunnel, though you cannot always see the light at the end, if you keep going, you will eventually get to a better place” So, my fellow comrades, hang in there and stay positive!! Hope to hear from any one of you out there! Just drop me a message at my Facebook Wei-Qing Ng

There are 5 short clips to “A New Norm“. If any of you feel any of these videos can benefit anyone out there, do feel free to share as your noble deed will definitely save lives! 

Thank you Mei Sze and your team for having me and your video editing truly makes the difference! 

Episode 1 – Understanding 


Episode 2 – Accepting


Episode 3 – Weathering


Episode 4 – Living (I’m in this episode!!)


Episode 5 – Silver Lining




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