A New Milestone in Life

Happy New Year!!! Hope 2017 will be brilliant year for all of us!

May all bad luck, illnesses and negative feelings stay behind in 2016. And may the brand New 2017 be a better, healthier, wealthier and a more amazing year!

Wishing all of you tonnes of happiness, loads of successes, piny little magical moments and extensive miracles in 2017!

Today marks a new milestone in life! My baby-babies are TWO now!

Baby at 2

After a dramatic fall in July 2014, a year of harsh, brutal and inhumane treatment, plus the merciless torture, they have survived!! Passed the two-year benchmark!

It’s such a remarkable scene seeing them grow day by day, millimetres by millimetres, slow and steadily gaining its momentum. Just can’t wait for them to be as long as the good old days!!

LONG hair

LONG hair

They are due for their “pediatric” cum my hematologist consultation tmr! MRI another RM3,000 gone! Luckily it’s a brand new year with a brand new limit!

Imagine, RM3,000 once every 3 months. One year RM12,000 gone in thin air. This is ONLY for follow up MRI scans!!

Not to forget the RM350,000++ medical treatment I have spent.

And medical inflation of 10% each year. 10 years later it will cost a whopping RM 1 MILLION!!!!

2016 wasn’t a good year. I came across bothersome news of the passing of my fellow big C compatriots. It could have been me if not for the support of my parents financially. It really touched deep down into my narrow heart.  It hurts even more when you found that they stopped their treatment due to insufficient fund. It could have been me if it’s not from the support of my parents financially.

I’ve come across many people who will pick government hospitals as their first choice. Maybe you have the same mindset?

But let me tell you honestly, the treatment you get comes hand in hand with its PRICE TAG. You can’t expect you will get the same treatment. And, you won’t want to sacrifice your health in the expense of huge medical costs, right?

So, think for yourself, would you rather pay your medical bills with your hard-earned money? Or would you rather save a 10% of your monthly income to get a lifetime full of medical protection?

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