My Very First Angkasapuri Journey

Hey dudes! I’m back!

Never in my¬†wildest dreams have i thought that i will be a radio “superstar” .

Motivating my big C warriors is always deep down in my heart.

As a survivor, I understand how you feel being diagnosed, struggling through dreadful treatments, fighting through a matter of life and death.

God created this path for us to go through is to test the strength of our willpower! To paint life with our own story. Making our life journey an absolutely stunning one! Believe in yourself! Accept the challenges! Conquer your fear! And never give up!!!

“Bones heal, pain is temporary and scars look really good”

Live life to its fullest!!

In conjunction with World’s Cancer Day, by TRAXX FM: (my English version)

Stay tuned to my Mandarin versions! Coming up next!!


RTM pitch

RTM pitch

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