Beginning of the journey

Some of my ambiguous first few Facebook posts that captured people’s curiosity after the first incident leading to the discovery were:

“Sometimes life is like a dark tunnel, though you cannot always see the light at the end, if you keep going, you will eventually get to a better place”

“每個人都有一年。。係最苦嘅。。最甜嘅。。最攞命嘅。。最難過嘅。。最講唔到嘅。。但係又最忘記唔到嘅。 你果年係邊一年呀?” in English, it basically means everybody will have a year, a bitter one, a sweet one, a breathtaking one, a saddening one, a speechless one, but an unforgettable one. Which year is yours? This Chinese quote was taken from a TVB drama, which I find very meaningful and it practically best describe the year of 2014 to me.

2014 had been a tough and lengthy year filled with tears of pain, fear, disappointment and frustration. It had just been an incredible, unexpected and serendipitous journey but thanks to my family members for the never ending love shown and the support throughout the entire ordeal; my friends for the strength they had given me, keeping me strong and going. Without all your endless supports and prayers, I would not be able to overcome so much!

My beanie

What are the odds of getting cancer at age 27?
I recalled a few years back, when I did a routine medical check up, my cancer marker was beyond the normal range, on the higher side. I consulted a general practitioner for a reference letter to the specialist for further investigation. However, the doctor was so arrogant that she mentioned my father has a higher chance of getting one than me at such a young age while my dad was just beside me; and the marker doesn’t indicate anything, it doesn’t mean that if the marker is high, you have cancer, if it’s low, you are free from it. How unprofessional she was to curse my dad at that time!

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