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It has been quite a while since i last updated my blog. As I am not a frequent blogger, often times it  takes me quite some time to draft out a post. Hereby, i would like to update my latest whereabouts and whatabouts of my recent undertakings. It might not be as interesting as my previous cancer journey, but do bear with me.


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At times, i do receive some texts and facebook messages of people from all folks of life asking me how am I and what am I up to? Every time when i bump into my old friends, their first concern would be “How are you?” Thanks for the concern, I am very well here, in a pink of health! How about you?

So, what have i done after my stem cell transplant on the 30th of January?

I will first start off with my latest update few days back on 12th October 2015 regarding my personal cancer experience sharing with the Synergy & Unity Group from the Great Eastern Agency. It was my first ever public speaking experience in front of a crowd!! Fortunately, the group is not too big with approximately 40+ agents and the most important part is the bunch of people are really very friendly. These further ease the stage fear tension in me. I remember when i was in uni, during my public speaking course, the stress was like a rubber band! It keeps on increasing when the pressure builds on and during my spontaneous speech, my mind will just black out.

People who understands me well will know that i’m never a speaker nor a writer but thanks for the trust in me and the opportunity given by Wei Kiat and the team. I enjoyed myself and the warm welcome i received! I got my gift of a fruit basket even before i started speaking!!

fruit basket

fruit basket

As i am just a newbie in speaking and since it was my first time sharing in the public, i consider myself PASS, at least I did not get a heart attack =P Do pardon me if i have done or said anything wrong, maaf zahir dan batin, as our malay friends say.

During the intro, i took a selfie!



My candid photo during the sharing



And a group photo together with the Synergy & Unity Group.

Synergy & Unity group

Synergy & Unity group

Thanks again for having me! It was my regret not having able to stay throughout the night with you peeps as I was having a weird tummy since last Thursday but no worries I am fine now.

Prior to this sharing, i was learning a new language!! Japanese it is! 日本語. The course was sooo intensive that I could barely catch up with the fastidious pace. Imagine learning how to say わたしわがくせいです(I’m a student) and わたしわまれしあじんです(I’m a Malaysian) in the first lesson. It is not the basic あいうえお、かきくけこalphabets. They expect you to do homework that night and memorize them all for the next day test!! Goodness gracious. Fortunately my brother, an ex-Japanese language course student gave me the advise of memorizing all Japanese Hiragana prior to the start of the course because it is way too fast and he was the victim. I scored almost perfect for the quiz and only just that quiz. As the classes runs on, i got more and more confused as in a lot of new vocabulary came up. I only finished the first beginner level and got a pass for the test since the せんせい(teacher)gave us a revision of some of the test questions a day before the test. It is so difficult to juggle two things at one time especially the extremely intensive brand new Japanese language which i have the minimal foundation in and preparing myself for my first speech of my entire life at once. I did not want to burn midnight oil just to keep both things in place as I just got off my treatment early this year and it is not advisable to stress myself up so much. Due to my medical standpoint I was allowed to postpone my intensive course to a part time course which will begin in December, giving me sufficient time to revise what I should have known in my beginner class and proceed to the second level.

So long for now! I will keep my blog updated “soon”!

Share with you the latest pic of mine with my slow growing hair. *wondering when will the babies become adult*

10th Oct 2015

10th Oct 2015

Till then! Bye bye and good night!




Happy Valentine’s Day!

Taking a break from the setback in life, hereby, I would like to wish everyone a lovely Valentine’s Day! No matter with your family, friends, life partners, they are all your loved ones! Do cherish them, and show your appreciation on their importance in your life.

I had a joyous mini pot luck gathering with my close buddies at my house. Thanks for the food contributed, and most importantly your presence brought cheer to my family, after having gone through so much of tough time.


A portrait of us

My valentine’s gifts



Skin Care products + Tiffany & Co

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Hello world!

Knock knock, hello there! Glad to have just created my very own domain and a little space for myself to share my true life experience.

First and foremost, i would like to acknowledge “Snakje Creative Studio” for assisting me in the creation of the site. With my zero knowledge, it would not be possible for me to do this on my own. Special thanks to Snakje Jake, my brother!



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