Angkasapuri – My Chinese Pitch!!!

A slight disappointment that I didn’t manage to get hold of the original copies of my Chinese version, Angkasapuri journey. I have practiced uncountable times, you know!! And it’s such a rare occasion for me to share in mandarin.

However, I have replicated what i have said, and is hereby sharing with you, my dear friends!!

There are two versions! Enjoy! Please comment!

English translation:

Life is like a dark tunnel, there will be obstacles along the journey, but there will always be light at the end of the tunnel !

To my cancer friends, buck up!! The Lord set this path for us is to test our determination in life, to paint our own unique life story! Will definitely be an extraordinary one, compared to the rest. And once we have conquered this dreaded disease, isn’t it like rainbow shining after the rain? We will never give up! Always moving forward for the better!

English translation:

Nelson Mandela once said, Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

To my big C warriors: Don’t be puzzled by the word “Cancer” and keep asking “Why Me?”. Since it’s already a fact, no matter how hard we persevere, it will not change! Why not we just focus on conquering it? On the positive side, in this hectic working life, how on earth will we have the excuse of taking a long break? Just assume that the break is for us to go further in life! Strive for a better tomorrow!! I’m now a survivor, the next WILL BE YOU!

My Very First Angkasapuri Journey

Hey dudes! I’m back!

Never in my wildest dreams have i thought that i will be a radio “superstar” .

Motivating my big C warriors is always deep down in my heart.

As a survivor, I understand how you feel being diagnosed, struggling through dreadful treatments, fighting through a matter of life and death.

God created this path for us to go through is to test the strength of our willpower! To paint life with our own story. Making our life journey an absolutely stunning one! Believe in yourself! Accept the challenges! Conquer your fear! And never give up!!!

“Bones heal, pain is temporary and scars look really good”

Live life to its fullest!!

In conjunction with World’s Cancer Day, by TRAXX FM: (my English version)

Stay tuned to my Mandarin versions! Coming up next!!


RTM pitch

RTM pitch

A Humble Step Towards A Healthier Life

May 31st is World No Tobacco Day.

This is a great start to stop smoking and start rejuvenating!

Do you know that cigarette contains at least 7000 chemicals? 250 poisonous and 70 carcinogenic and still counting? (1)

Smoking can lead to all sorts of illnesses: (1)

  • Coronary Heart Disease : 2-4 times more likely than non-smoker
  • Stroke : 2-4 times more likely than non-smoker
  • Lung Cancer – 23 times more likely than non-smoker

Quick fact: 90% of men and 80% of women who succumb to lung cancer smoked. (1)

In the United States, smoking accounts for 440,000 death per year.

Globally, 5 million deaths are reported annually. (1)

Do you wish to be a part of the statistics?

Smoking and you!

Smoking and you!

Smoking is not just detrimental to your health but is also harmful to the people around you, inhaling second-hand smoke. Imagine seeing your innocent loved ones suffering from lung cancer because of your inconsiderate smoking habit? Think about it.

We have some inspiring life examples of brave souls who managed to quit smoking, why not you?

May 31st - No Tobacco Day

May 31st – No Tobacco Day

Stop Smoking, Start Repairing

Stop Smoking, Start Repairing

If you ever thought about quitting or wanting to know more, speak to our professionals at National Cancer Society Malaysia, at  03-2630 6676. We will be more than willing to assist you! All the best, and my prayer is with you!

Action speaks louder than words.

Take a great leap to a healthier life!


Credit to National Cancer Society for the stop smoking testimonials.




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