Tipping Point

To rewind back a little, and to recapitulate the findings prior to the discovery of this shocking diagnosis, I was consistently consulting opthalmologists to seek professional advices on the existence of floaters in my right eye since end of 2011. The clinical diagnosis to my condition was intermediate uveitis but the cause was idiopathic, an unknown cause.

Initially the symptom was under control with the help of prednisolone, but towards the middle of 2013, the debris flared up, the dense floaters blocked my right eye, causing blurriness in vision. My ophthalmologist then referred me to a retinal surgeon to perform a vitrectomy to clear off the debris. However, after seeking a second opinion with the well known professor in Prince Court, the procedure was deemed unnecessary but an MRI orbit was requested.

In my mind, I was thinking


Anyhow, I proceeded with the scan and commented:


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