From Opthalmologist to Neurosurgeon

After the anomalous and incidental MRI finding of a lesion in the parietal lobe via an MRI orbit, I consulted a well known neurosurgeon in the field for further and more detailed investigation on the brain. An MRI brain with contrast was immediately called upon, whereby contrast agent is a substance used to enhance the structures or fluids within the body in medical imaging. The contrast agent was administered through an intravenous needle into the bloodstream.

The report highlighted and enhanced the previous lesion observed. Further neurological tests, such as knee jerk, walking in a straight line, hearing (audiometric) test, and observation on all lymph nodes over the body on any swelling or abnormal circumstances were all typical and I was in perfectly good shape. The neurosurgeon mentioned at that stage, it was impractical to open up my brain to conduct a biopsy on the tissue to analyze what the lesion is made up of as I did not portray any other symptoms besides floaters in my right eye, and it was definitely unfair to conclude that I have primary CNS Lymphoma based on the scan.



At ANOC, Advanced Neuroscience and Orthopedic Clinic



My mummy and I

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Me and my daddy


The doctor did suggest an MRA, a less commonly known scan, known as the magnetic resonance angiography, a procedure similar to MRI but instead to observe and capture the picture of the blood vessels and capillary in the brain to check for any inconsistency. Emotionally and physically unprepared, shocked and reluctant after two continuos days of MRIs and the fourth day another MRA? I recalled the nurses saying that if I were to do the MRA within three days with the previous MRI done, I will enjoy a cheaper package rate. Tears immediately rolled down my cheeks, can you imagine having three scans within four days? I couldn’t take it, refused to do any more scans, and what more enjoying the special rate? No way! Is it a shopping spree or what? I was definitely not in the mood for it.

I quit and stopped seeing that neurosurgeon. He may be really good in his profession but I just couldn’t take so many things at one time.

Rested for quite a while without medical guidance, a doctor friend of mine introduced me to a professor in the neurologist field to be under his care. I liked that doctor very much because he has consultation hours outside working hours, which means that I do not have to take leave during normal working days, but still being able to see him weekdays after five and during weekends. The doctor also didn’t recommend any invasive procedure. I returned to my happy-go-lucky and cheerful self once again! Free from any treatment, any scans, any medical leave. Happily following up with him, progressing fine week after week.

Seeing my all the while good progress and healthy being, but requiring further check on the anomalous scan result, the neurologist recommended an evoked potential test, which is not invasive in nature, testing my vision and nerves response. In layman term, a test which measures the time it takes for nerves to respond to  electric shock stimulations on your arms and legs, which I did fairly well, except for my vision test. There was no conclusion from the RM700+ test and the doctor further requested a one week hospitalization stay for a procedure known as lumbar puncture and other deemed possible tests, as he suspected a condition called multiple sclerosis. At the mean time, I was also being examined by an opthalmologist professor to observe whether there is any swelling in my optic nerves, which is a symptom of multiple sclerosis.

The nerves in my entire body from the evoked potential test and the opthalmologist screening were normal, hence, I was being exempted from the one week hospitalization test as mentioned. The only procedure requested was a follow up MRI in June 2014, six months after my last MRI to see the progression of the lesion. I happily agreed to the final arrangement and waited for the day to come. However, things didn’t go as well as expected.

P/s I did not mention the names of the doctors who have treated me to avoid any conflict of interest or any unattempted defamation. I was only under the care of these doctors for a short time frame. At a later stage I will mention some of the more prominent figures in my life.

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