A Humble Step Towards A Healthier Life

May 31st is World No Tobacco Day.

This is a great start to stop smoking and start rejuvenating!

Do you know that cigarette contains at least 7000 chemicals? 250 poisonous and 70 carcinogenic and still counting? (1)

Smoking can lead to all sorts of illnesses: (1)

  • Coronary Heart Disease : 2-4 times more likely than non-smoker
  • Stroke : 2-4 times more likely than non-smoker
  • Lung Cancer – 23 times more likely than non-smoker

Quick fact: 90% of men and 80% of women who succumb to lung cancer smoked. (1)

In the United States, smoking accounts for 440,000 death per year.

Globally, 5 million deaths are reported annually. (1)

Do you wish to be a part of the statistics?

Smoking and you!

Smoking and you!

Smoking is not just detrimental to your health but is also harmful to the people around you, inhaling second-hand smoke. Imagine seeing your innocent loved ones suffering from lung cancer because of your inconsiderate smoking habit? Think about it.

We have some inspiring life examples of brave souls who managed to quit smoking, why not you?

May 31st - No Tobacco Day

May 31st – No Tobacco Day

Stop Smoking, Start Repairing

Stop Smoking, Start Repairing

If you ever thought about quitting or wanting to know more, speak to our professionals at National Cancer Society Malaysia, at  03-2630 6676. We will be more than willing to assist you! All the best, and my prayer is with you!

Action speaks louder than words.

Take a great leap to a healthier life!


Credit to National Cancer Society for the stop smoking testimonials.




A New Milestone in Life

Happy New Year!!! Hope 2017 will be brilliant year for all of us!

May all bad luck, illnesses and negative feelings stay behind in 2016. And may the brand New 2017 be a better, healthier, wealthier and a more amazing year!

Wishing all of you tonnes of happiness, loads of successes, piny little magical moments and extensive miracles in 2017!

Today marks a new milestone in life! My baby-babies are TWO now!

Baby at 2

After a dramatic fall in July 2014, a year of harsh, brutal and inhumane treatment, plus the merciless torture, they have survived!! Passed the two-year benchmark!

It’s such a remarkable scene seeing them grow day by day, millimetres by millimetres, slow and steadily gaining its momentum. Just can’t wait for them to be as long as the good old days!!

LONG hair

LONG hair

They are due for their “pediatric” cum my hematologist consultation tmr! MRI another RM3,000 gone! Luckily it’s a brand new year with a brand new limit!

Imagine, RM3,000 once every 3 months. One year RM12,000 gone in thin air. This is ONLY for follow up MRI scans!!

Not to forget the RM350,000++ medical treatment I have spent.

And medical inflation of 10% each year. 10 years later it will cost a whopping RM 1 MILLION!!!!

2016 wasn’t a good year. I came across bothersome news of the passing of my fellow big C compatriots. It could have been me if not for the support of my parents financially. It really touched deep down into my narrow heart.  It hurts even more when you found that they stopped their treatment due to insufficient fund. It could have been me if it’s not from the support of my parents financially.

I’ve come across many people who will pick government hospitals as their first choice. Maybe you have the same mindset?

But let me tell you honestly, the treatment you get comes hand in hand with its PRICE TAG. You can’t expect you will get the same treatment. And, you won’t want to sacrifice your health in the expense of huge medical costs, right?

So, think for yourself, would you rather pay your medical bills with your hard-earned money? Or would you rather save a 10% of your monthly income to get a lifetime full of medical protection?

“Life begins after cancer” -Mary

Hey folks! It’s been quite a while since my last update. Wondering what I have been doing for the past couple of months? My schedule was pretty hectic and packed. Moreover, Atruebee had just undergone a face-lift, switching from a previously cramped server which could no longer accommodate Atruebee due to its massive capacity consumption to a server with ample breadth for Atruebee to spread its wings!




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Spinning post

Spinning post


Here I am now! Been curious about my latest upload on Facebook regarding my one-day glamorous modeling? That’s the perks of being a cancer survivor! A quote from Mary, a survivor, “Life begins after cancer”, had become the trademark for the aforementioned event. Life had treated us unfairly and we deserved a better one! I’m one of the lucky survivors to have been chosen by National Cancer Society Malaysia, in short NCSM, to join force with the KL Indie Fashion Week’s organizers and our fellow young and blossoming designers from LimKokWing and Saito College. Their designs are indeed eye-catching, especially for mine! Words couldn’t express my gratitude to my designer Queena for the gorgeous design and handicraft as she managed to spare some time out from her busy schedule to accomplish my garment in just two weeks! #KLIFW #cancer #NCSM #akufashion #akuempowered #akustylo

More picture updates taken with DSLR coming soon in my next post!

Just a sneak preview of the awe-inspiring event!

All of us!

All of us!


Good things never last. Back to the medical side, as usual my follow-up blood test is once every three months while my MRI has prolonged to once every six months!! Hoooooray!! Unfortunately, I would have to consult a gynae aside from my hematologist for my low hormone levels due to my previous stem cell transplant. As usual, western medicine will always resolve the matter with nothing more than the HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) but I opted for an alternative remedy, the Herbal Therapy, as a natural way to boost up my hormone levels but was only given 3 months for observations. If the Herbal Therapy works, I may stick to my preferred treatment, and vice versa, if it doesn’t work, I will have to forego Herbal remedy and go for HRT. God Bless Me!!!

Medical wise, I had already spent:

Craniotomy RM 64,000

6 sessions chemo 20k each totalling RM 120,000

20 sessions radio RM 40,000

Stem cell transplant RM 130,000

Altogether a whopping RM 354,000

And now, how much will the HRT cost?

I’m stressing on the importance of having an UPDATED insurance coverage here. My outdated coverage of RM 50,000 annual limit, bought decades ago by my parents are no longer compelling to the current medical costs. The minimal sum couldn’t even cover the cost of my surgery. Think about it, would you be willing to fork out your hard-earned money to pay for the humongous medical bills without insurance?


Medical Protection

I have learned through the hard-way that one must have adequate insurance at all times. “Insurance is like a seat belt, understand it’s importance before something unfortunate happens.” Illnesses may strike anyone, any age, any time when you are least expected.

I am particularly attracted to the extravagant benefits close to a million ringgit worth of medical annual limit with a considerably reasonable priced plan from Great Eastern. For people in the twenties, only a low premium of RM 200, can cover you medically up to RM 990,000 inclusive of other life benefits. How in my wildest dream can I own such a plan in the future due to my adverse medical history? How I wish I could go back to the future to pick up this plan.

But to the healthier you, things are different, you can own the policy as you wish, so better get yourself well protected while you are still young and able because you wouldn’t want to be in my shoe, crying over spilt milk. As for those with insurance coverage, please do review your policy and update whenever necessary.  RM 50,000 coverage 20 years ago will erode with the rising cost of medical inflation.


Medical Cost

Medical Cost

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lady's care cost


I believe the last thing that one would want to worry about is finances. As brutal as it may seem, this is one of the prerequisite before any treatment can be done. More often than not, the price tag always commensurate the quality of treatment you will get; good things always come at a price.

With just a nominal fee every month, the huge burden is taken off your shoulder. At the very least, you and your loved ones are assured.

Do drop me a message if you have any inquiries on opening an account with Great Eastern, the Reader’s Digest Trusted Brands Gold Award for the 13th consecutive year.

My GE business card

My GE business card

Great Eastern

Great Eastern

Thanks, and stay tuned to my next post!


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