Setback in Life

I was convinced that the lesion might just possibly be a scar as what the neurosurgeon said. Living a smooth sailing life, doing my daily routine effortlessly, at the mean time steadily waiting for the scheduled MRI six months later in June 2014 to clear off any doubts were the only things I can do.

Strange enough, in March 2014 one day before my birthday, during the midway of my journey to KL for work, while I was having my breakfast in car as usual, out from no where, with no alarm bells, I suddenly vomited into the breakfast bowl. The funny thing was that I only had clear soup earlier on due to the lack of appetite. Daddy, being my personal chauffeur was quite astounded with the situation, stopped by a petrol station along the way for me to clear up the mess. Being fine, fit and still tidy, I insisted to carry on the drive. However, feeling woozy and lightheaded that morning, I was unable to pay full attention at work. Hence, taking half a day off to visit a general practitioner.

After getting seated in the car wanting to head home, the vomiting sessions came knocking again, this time more severe and worse off, I threw up in the car, threw up another time once stepping home, and again in my room. Hiding in the shower area, barely had enough energy to even stand on my own feet. I couldn’t imagine how horrifying my mum felt that time, not knowing what was going on, neither do anyone of us.

Surprisingly, that episode went off and settled down within the next half of the day and I was back to my usual self the next day, which I remembered was a public holiday, giving me another day of rest before heading back to work. We didn’t take it seriously as I recovered shortly after and never in my life did I ever experience such severe vomiting incident before.

My precious 2014 birthday cake by Hei Wellness:

Hearty Mixed Berries Cake, Gluten free, Casein free with Dairy free Chocolate

Hearty Mixed Berries Cake, Gluten free, Casein free with Dairy free Chocolate


my birthday celebration

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Exactly a week after my birthday, we had a family trip to Adelaide for my younger brother’s convocation, mainly an excuse for a vacation, a short break away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. It was his second graduation in two years, the latter being his completion of honor degree. Being the second time visiting the renown Twelve Apostles of The Great Ocean Road in the south-western part of Melbourne, this time together with my parents, we ventured deeper down into the attraction as we allocated quite a number of days staying there. We were truly amazed by the bundles of white clouds in the clear blue sky, along with the chilling weather after being accustomed to the summer all year long in Malaysia.

Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles

Everything went well all along and there were no signs of discomfort until end of May 2014 when I first noticed stiffness, then a sore spot and some discomfort in the lower part of my head. The pain grew gradually, progressing some days, receding on the others. The aggravation of my condition bloomed into full and vibrant life, hitting me haphazardly on the 30th of May 2014 whereby similar chapter – the severe headache and vomiting happened reiteratively at my workplace.

Puking consistently along my way to the ladies washroom, losing balance and bumping into things obstructing the traffic, I did not manage to reach my destination. Right before the doorstep of the toilet, I knelt down, gasping strengthlessIy for fresh air, I couldn’t afford to even get myself up to walk another step further. The entire occurrence was too traumatic to be expressed solely in words, only the surrounding people who witnessed the entire incident would truly comprehend the situation.

Without much hesitation, and in response to the emergency situation, an ambulance was summoned. I heard the decision was made by the CEO? Do correct me if I’m wrong as I wasn’t in a right state of mind at that point of time. Thinking back to the past, I would now conclude that this option was the wisest as compared to waiting for my dad to pick me home. Imagine what will happen if I were to vomit continually in dad’s car, being stuck in the heavy KL traffic without medical intervention?

I was then wheeled into the ambulance and received immediate medical attention to put a stop to the vomiting. Ever since then, the actual nightmare had just begun.

This is my first and hopefully the last time in my entire life hopping onto an ambulance!

I’m really very grateful to have a bunch of indeed very helpful colleagues assisting me throughout the most difficult time, accompanying me throughout the journey to the hospital and did all the registrations and things required, but on the other hand, I really do sincerely apologize for the mess caused by me in the office.

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